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I am glad that you have interest in the surname Hertzke, the family, the way they lived or where they came from. The last name varied during the last 200 years due to regional, linguistic or written adaption. Dominated by the Herzke without t further versions are e.g. Hertzske, Hartzke, Herczge, Herczka or Hertzky. Theories what it means can be summed up to the trait hard respectively strict and the version of heart (Herz in German).
The area the family comes from is called Posen, a former province of Prussia (now: Poland) where the first written record of my oldest ancestor Martin Hertzke who married his wife in 1786 in Bobelwitz (Bobowicko) appeared in the church books of Politzig (Policko).
Other Hertzke clans can be found in Scharnikau (Czarnków), Kolmar (Chodzież) and Segartowitz (Zegartowice). A lot of Hertzkes fled to Berlin in World War II where the surname still has the highest amount of residents in Germany. Through emigration, they spread all over the world especially to the USA and Canada.
Hertzke family in front of their house in Kranz (Kręcko)
– about 1927

Do you want to know more about the family or maybe you are a Hertzke, too? I would be happy to answer your questions! Mail me at genealogy@hertzke.org or send a message via the contact form.