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I am glad that you found the way to my page. This is mainly concerned with the family and genealogical research of the name Hertzke and includes both blood relatives and other name bearer.

Hertzke family (mother, father, daughter and son) in wreath around 1928
Hertzke family in front of their house in Kranz (Kręcko)
– circa 1927

The Hertzkes are a family from the former district of Meseritz, Posen (today: Międzyrzecz, Poland). There are only about 85 name bearers in Germany, which are written with t and 325 without t. Also together a very manageable number, which inspired me even more to investigate the origin. Over predominantly employees in manorial houses the trace leads to the last in writing mentioned Hertzke to Bobelwitz (Bobowicko) in the year 1786. The current ancestor tree covers at present up to eight generations. Beside the high occurrence in the Meseritz area, there were other name bearers in other counties in Posen and West Prussia.

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