Name bearers

The Hertzkes do not only exist in Europe, but worldwide. However, the distribution across the continents is not very old, the first emigrants left their homeland only almost 140 years ago. The first Hertzke in the United States of America immigrated from West Prussia in 1882. His name was Johann Ernst, born in 1854 in Zachasberg, Kr. Kolmar, West Prussia. With his wife Johanna Emilie Steinberg and his children Hedwig and Paul he settled first in Minnesota where he had 4 more children. A move to Iowa and two more offspring later, his wife died and he married Caroline Minnie of Wisconsin. Together they have 7 more children in South Dakota and Colorado before he dies in the latter place in 1927. The family can be very well viewed here.

All persons with the surname Hertzke or a similar name variant who could not be connected with my family so far are listed on this page. Anyone who would like to volunteer to be listed as a name bearer is welcome to write me a message. Or also, if you need help with the translation of certain persons. I would be happy if more Hertzkes could be found.

Areas of origin in Prussia

I once started to draw the areas of origin of the Hertzkes and Herzkes from Prussia, whether families or individuals, into a map. It is not up-to-date, but gives a good overview of the distribution.